January 20 Events

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January 20th, 2001 (January 20 2001)EventPhilippine president Joseph Estrada is ousted in the EDSA II Revolution and is succeeded by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
January 20th, 1999 (January 20 1999)EventThe China News Service announces new government restrictions on Internet use aimed especially at Internet cafes.
January 20th, 1992 (January 20 1992)EventAir Inter Flight 148 crashes near Strasbourg, France, killing 82 passengers and 5 crew.
January 20th, 1991 (January 20 1991)EventSudan s government imposes Islamic law nationwide, worsening the civil war between the country s Muslim north and Christian south.
January 20th, 1990 (January 20 1990)EventBlack Januarycrackdown of Azerbaijani pro-independence demonstrations by Soviet army in Baku.
January 20th, 1987 (January 20 1987)EventChurch of England envoy Terry Waite is kidnapped in Lebanon.
January 20th, 1986 (January 20 1986)EventMartin Luther King, Jr., day is celebrated as a federal holiday for the first time.Martin Luther Quotes
January 20th, 1981 (January 20 1981)EventIran releases 52 American hostages twenty minutes after Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as U.S. President.Ronald Reagan Quotes
January 20th, 1969 (January 20 1969)EventThe first pulsar is discovered, in the Crab Nebula.
January 20th, 1968 (January 20 1968)EventThe Houston Cougars defeat the UCLA Bruins 71-69 to win the Game of the Century.
January 20th, 1960 (January 20 1960)EventHendrik Verwoerd announces a plebiscite on whether South Africa should become a Republic.
January 20th, 1954 (January 20 1954)EventThe National Negro Network is established with 40 charter member radio stations.
January 20th, 1945 (January 20 1945)EventHungary ends its involvement in the Second World War, agreeing to an armistice with the Allies.
January 20th, 1944 (January 20 1944)EventWorld War II: The Royal Air Force drops 2,300 tons of bombs on Berlin.
January 20th, 1942 (January 20 1942)EventWorld War II: Nazis at the Wannsee conference in Berlin agree on the "final solution to the Jewish problem".
January 20th, 1937 (January 20 1937)EventFranklin Roosevelt is inaugurated for a second term as President of the United States. This is the first inauguration scheduled on January 20, following adoption of the 20th Amendment. Previous inaugurations were scheduled on March 4.
January 20th, 1936 (January 20 1936)EventEdward VIII becomes King of the United Kingdom.
January 20th, 1929 (January 20 1929)EventIn Old Arizona, the first full-length talking film filmed outdoors, is released.
January 20th, 1921 (January 20 1921)EventThe first Constitution of Turkey is adopted, making fundamental changes in the source and exercise of sovereignty by consecrating the principle of national sovereignty.
January 20th, 1920 (January 20 1920)EventThe American Civil Liberties Union is founded.
January 20th, 1892 (January 20 1892)EventAt the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts, the first official basketball game is played.
January 20th, 1887 (January 20 1887)EventThe United States Senate allows the Navy to lease Pearl Harbor as a naval base.
January 20th, 1885 (January 20 1885)EventL.A. Thompson patents the roller coaster.
January 20th, 1841 (January 20 1841)EventHong Kong Island is occupied by the British.
January 20th, 1840 (January 20 1840)EventDumont D Urville discovers Adelie Land, Antarctica.
January 20th, 1840 (January 20 1840)EventWillem II becomes King of the Netherlands.
January 20th, 1839 (January 20 1839)EventIn the Battle of Yungay, Chile defeats a Peruvian and Bolivian alliance.
January 20th, 1801 (January 20 1801)EventJohn Marshall is appointed the Chief Justice of the United States.John Marshall Quotes
January 20th, 1788 (January 20 1788)EventThe third and main part of First Fleet arrives at Botany Bay. Arthur Phillip decides Botany Bay is unsuitable for location of a penal colony, and decides to move to Port Jackson.
January 20th, 1783 (January 20 1783)EventThe Kingdom of Great Britain signs a peace treaty with France and Spain, officially ending hostilities in the Revolutionary War.
January 20th, 1667 (January 20 1667)EventThe Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth cedes Kiev, Smolensk, and left-bank Ukraine to Imperial Russia in the treaty of Andrusovo.
January 20th, 1649 (January 20 1649)EventCharles I of England goes on trial for treason and other "high crimes".
January 20th, 1576 (January 20 1576)EventThe Mexican city of Leon is founded by order of the viceroy Don Martin Enriquez de Almansa.
January 20th, 1523 (January 20 1523)EventChristian II is forced to abdicate as King of Denmark and Norway.
January 20th, 1502 (January 20 1502)EventThe present-day location of Rio de Janeiro is first explored.
January 20th, 1356 (January 20 1356)EventEdward Balliol abdicates as King of Scotland.
January 20th, 1320 (January 20 1320)EventDuke Wladyslaw Lokietek becomes king of Poland.
January 20th, 1265 (January 20 1265)EventIn Westminster, the first English parliament conducts its first meeting in the Palace of Westminster, now also known as the "Houses of Parliament".
January 20th, 1156 (January 20 1156)EventAccording to legend, freeholder Lalli slays English crusader Bishop Henry with an axe on the ice of lake Koylionjarvi in Finland.
January 20th, 0250 (January 20 0250)EventEmperor Decius begins a widespread persecution of Christians in Rome. Pope Fabian was martyredied in Afterwards the Donatist controversy over readmitting lapsed Christians disaffects many in North Africa.

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